DAY 28.


I take a metro to Pentagon to meet William (Viljami). It is amazing to visit the building and I get a special tour, because Viljami works there as a civil engineer. We also visit the place where the plane hit in 911. Pentagon is full of paintings, art works and collections related to military. It would take days and days to go trough them all. This big office building is like a city of its own with gyms, running tracks, swimming hall, shops, restaurants etc. Only thing missing is a hotel.

The idea that this is the place where it all starts – the functions of war – overwhelms me. Viljami says Iraq war has been very difficult. Everybody agrees with that, I think. We have very nice discussions while touring around the building and drinking a lot of coffee. Viljami, Etel├Ąpohojammaan Viljami, Lurjus is an easy man to make friends with. And our heritage is so close in Finland: mine from North and his from South Ostrobothnia. He thinks there are two great powers in the world US and South Ostrobothnia.

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