DAY 29.


I take a train to NYC early in the morning. I chat a bit with a granny next to me, but to be honest, I don’t feel a least bit of talkative. Every person is a new door, but sometimes I just can’t. A taxi driver in NYC happens to be a scientologist Jeffrey. He gives me a presentation about his beliefs and how scientology suits with any religion I might have. It is based on interdisciplinary facts. Jeffrey tells me he can make miracles and I’m tempted to believe that when I see him navigate so naturally in NYC traffic while concentrating fully on our discussion. I, too, think there is a sleeping devil in all of us and it’s awaken by negative energy. This is why we should always seek for the positive energy. But I also wonder, how do you know which is which? How is the devil defined? If I’ve understood correctly Buddhism teaches everything is just existing thoughts and actions that come and go – some of them are better for you than the others.

I have never been in a private jet before in my life. Elsa tells that having a private jet is not common – surprise me, I just thought this is US. No security checks on luggage, nice pilots and snacks to eat. My fear of flying didn’t bother me at all. Ford airport in Michigan is like November in Finland. The sky is gray over the forests. Finland illusion continues when we get to Elsa’s and David’s place. The whole house is full of Finnish design. The contrast is huge compared to my travel so far. But I think it is also a good for my work to see this. Finnish immigrants came to the area partly because it looks a bit like home country – but of course the biggest reason was the jobs.

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