DAY 32.

During my visit in Iron River, nothing was about contemporary Finland or Finnish culture. It is about heritage that Betty and her siblings want to pass on to the next generations. I find this fascinating. It is a reflection of Finnish culture from the past and nothing has changed. I eat food that is said to be traditionally Finnish. I have never heard of it. People don’t need to know what is going on in Finland now, because it is a country that doesn’t really exist to them. Why should it?

Iron Country Museum is a pleasant visit. It is very coherent museum with also outdoor exhibits. Many volunteers have spend hundreds of hours moving and setting up buildings in the museum area. I hear a story how Carrie Jacob Bonds house was moved to the museum area and while moving it, money was collected from people on the streets. You could really see how your money moved the house inch by inch towards the museum.

We visit Kangas old farm. Jack gives me his mother cap she used to wear at work. I promise to take it to Finland where Jack’s mother never got to visit again after she immigrated. I will take a picture of the cap in some nice place.

I took many photographs of Jack trying capture his thoughtful eyes that can really see you as a person. I wasn’t doing very well. But then we went to Kangas Bay. It was the very last picture I took – and it was the one.

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