DAY 35.


I had a very interesting interview with Kent who is the archivist of the Finnish Heritage Centre. Many people have told me that high working moral, honesty and politeness is linked to their Finnish genes. I wonder if other characteristics often related to Finnish people follow, too: alcoholism and depression for example. We talk about this with Kent.

Kent takes me to Calumet which is said to be a ghost town, but it’s not that ghosty, I think. The mines are gone and the area is not so lively anymore. The mines left unpleasant heritage behind them: poisoned lake. Kent says that if one would swim in it, their limbs would fall off. We also visit Keweenav National Historical Park briefly going trough the office building and former library/public bath with historian Jo Urion.

My time in Hancock is comes to an end at the airport. We eat Subway sandwiches with Kent. He laughs and teases me: I started my travel to Michigan with a private jet and now I’m ending it with junk food at small Hancock airport. I like either way…

Marianne, Honorary Consul of Finland in Minneapolis, picks me up from the airport. I also meet Carole and Danish Honorary Consul Annelise. We go for dinner with Marianne, she tells about her work in Tampere University. She wants to look at the Finnish-American community not only from the point of view of US but also Finland. And she also is interested in how contemporary immigration could be related to the historical Finnish immigration.

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