DAY 36.

Depressed angel

I start to feel the fatigue of the travel. I’m using my extra energy supplies. I can’t help feeling tremendous, breath taking sorrow in my heart when I hear people telling me about how different the Finnish immigrants were compared to today’s immigrants. They think Finns were more hard working and not dependent on state. I don’t understand – people are looking for better life for themselves and their families, just like they’ve always done. They work and they integrate, at least try to. We, together should find ways to create a world where we can all have the same chance. I know I’m naïve. I don’t care. Even though I don’t comment when making the interview, I’m not objective. No one is.

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful new day in Cokato with Carole as my designated driver. I met Anne and Richard, Audrey as well as Harvey and Heidi Barberg. Harvey is a sauna enthusiast and they have renovated an old smoke sauna in Cokato in a place called Temperance Corner. There are also other historical buildings preserved on the location. Harvey says very straight forwardly that sauna is like a church. I have been timid to say this because I feel I’ve been interviewing rather religious people. But on the other hand, why should it hurt anyone’s feelings? Sauna was a place where people’s lives started (women giving birth in sauna) and ended (corpses were washed in sauna before burial). It is not like that anymore, but surely the idea about washing away your worries still exists. It is like a confession.

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