DAY 2.

Heading towards the lock

I wake up and look out form window. I see a lighthouse and shore. The ship is not moving. I find out at breakfast that the crash yesterday had caused more serious damage. Some containers are not stable enough and continuing wasn’t safe. I guess it would be fatal to any ship if the cargo moved. I’m happy that there are no risks taken even though the schedule is tight. The pilot jokes on the bridge: ”Welcome to Chester!” when we dock to the same location where we were yesterday. The journey starts at seven the same night and we are one day behind schedule.

Everything that had somehow felt like a historical moment in my life yesterday, happens again today. ”Replay”, the captain says and laughs. Luckily the only woman on board is not blamed on anything… I’m a bit disturbed that no one talks at meals. After short ”Bon Appetit” greeting nobody talks if I don’t start. I’m not very talkative person myself so the silence bugs me. The chef had made me a meal of the soy beans I brought with me. Purser couldn’t understand that they taste anything. They were good. Vegetarian and meat eater taste are different, it’s no big deal.

It’s seven o’clock but the ship is not moving. There are some guys hanging around who should release the ropes.

I think about the life of seamen. Months on the ship, routines and small spaces. Away from family and loved ones. Work. Harbours and places you hardly see. I’m not so surprised that people don’t always talk so much. The times have changed, though. It was very different when my relatives generations ago went to US. The travel times are shorter and the vessels are bigger. Everything must be more efficient. I think economist Peter A. Victor was right when he said that the smaller the computers get the bigger are the things designed with them.

Now, the ship is moving.

Michael Jackson’s ”Man in the mirror” starts the voyage. From radio. I almost cry. In fact, that song was always the last song Jackson sang in his concerts. I think it’s a very good song to start a journey with. From whom can you start from if not yourself?

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