DAY 3.


Some tips for travelling on a freighter:

  • Take shoes and clothes with you that can get dirty on the decks. Don’t go inside the cabin with you shoes on, there might be oil or something stuck in outsoles.
  • The vessel is a working place. Your existence is not obligated to be interested of anyone. But people are fair and friendly, indeed.
  • There’s no vegetarian food available on board. Take some proteins with you: soy, nuts, beans etc. The chef is probably nice and will prepare some veggie food to you if you ask. The food is generally very fulfilling.
  • When you walk around, always keep one hand on the rail (the rule that I disobey regularly).
  • If you go out in the terminal, wear safety vest and walk only on the marked footpaths.
  • You can send e-mail from some of the ships. On Independent Concept, e-mailing costs ten dollars and that money is quite enough to send all the e-mails you need during the travel.
  • There are no amusement parks on board so you have to figure out your own entertainment. The travel is perfect for working, there are no interruptions. Personally, I would always travel this way if I only had the money to do so. It is good to have routines to rhythm the days.

I was given a paper called ”Information for the passenger”! Pavlo said that he can give me a tour around the vessel, but added laconically that I’ve already been everywhere. No I haven’t! Let’s go! I think I have innocently broken some of the rules. But still, I have common sense when filming so everything should be fine.

The pilot says that our delay cost 100 000 pounds. I’m not totally sure if pounds was the currency he was talking about but either way it’s an impressive amount of money.

We went pass Ireland til the evening. The swells got bigger right after we get away from the shore. I can see spindrifts. The weather should be good that’s what everybody have been telling me. But I can’t really tell when it’s a bad or good weather. I regret right away writing this. I don’t want to know about bad weather at this point. I stand steadily and feel the new movement. It feels funny when the ship is going down from the wave – pitching. I have already taken some Chinese herbs for many days. I got them from acupuncturist who is a former seaman. I trust him. I have some western medication with me, too, but hopefully I don’t need to take them. I get sick in buses and spaces where I can’t see out. Luckily, this cabin and the whole vessel is full of windows!

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