DAY 4.

Bridge 19102010

Everyone looks at me with doubt in their eyes: ”Are you sea sick?”. I don’t tell about my herbs, but I’m fine. I cross my fingers. I know I might be. I guess, the world will be rocking still after ten days on board. Now, the rocking is beautiful. The ship is like a rocking chair when rolling. I fall a sleep on the sofa because of that. Then, I go to the bridge, we are somewhere after Ireland. It is nice to see that the maps are used for navigation as always even though everything else looks so technical. The sun is shining and the waves are big. I ask if I could go filming in the front deck, but it’s too windy. I might have not been able to stand there anyway.

I think about people who are smuggled in those kind of containers. It is horrifying. Weeks in dark, smelly small space. The sea sickness must be paralysing. It is a miracle that people survive from that. And is the life better on the other side if you manage to get there? The inequality of the world makes people do desperate things. I believe that everything would be better if we’d only place no one above no one. And I catch myself being arrogant too often!

The officers are Europeans on this vessel (Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish) and other crew members are Filipinos. This reminds me of Bangok where I was filming a big bridge construction site some years ago. They had the same division in nationalities: the project was managed by Westerners (Swedish, French etc.) and the hard work was done by Cambodians.

”The beauty of life is to experience yourself.” This is what is said in my tea bag today. Heh!

I was thinking here, after watching out from the window for quite a while: why staring is so not polite? Children are rebuked when they stare. But the children stare with healthy innocence at things or people they’ve not seen before. Why is that bad? Random thoughts.

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