DAY 5.

Me at my favourite place

Chief mate Jevgen asked me if I wanted to go to the front deck this morning. The weather is beautiful. I filmed men at work on the deck and then, we went to the front. I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed! The vessels blue front lead to the sea and there were only short rails on the sides. There, right there is America. And here is the endless sea. I wanted to stay, breath. Just like when you climb on a mountain top or walk deep to a forest – your just want to stop for a long time. To exist. Being right here in between these worlds. Right here. Breathing.

We climb to the second mast, too, which is on the the top of the bridge. The radar needs to be switched off for that time. Guess, it doesn’t matter because you can see everywhere. The radar reminds me of this one man who made his own small boat and sailed across the ocean. He was once still in fog somewhere close to English canal. He couldn’t see anything but he also knew that the radars of the big cargo ships couldn’t see his tiny boat either. Jevgen smiles at my excitement. But he admits that he gets excited, too when he comes back on board after a long holiday.

I’m embarrassed that I always leave so much food on the plate. I just can’t eat so much food as the men. I apologise for the chef. But we end up discussing sea sickness as usual…

We are half a way this of this travel now. I get used to live like this so quickly. I finished the book by Kyllikki Villa and cried a bit. I adore people who don’t settle on what happens to be in front of them but look for more. I know that one gets used to cold or warm or ship life like this. Those are things that can be taken as they are. Nothing to worry about that, just to adjust. But this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be proactive! Kyllikki was. I hope that in some way I could be, too.

I went to the bridge and told about my day’s adventures. And got to know that the crew sometimes hangs out and drink bier on the front deck – the same place where I had my universe embracing experience. It’s a good spot for drinks, too, definitely!

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