DAY 6.


I had a nice long discussion with the chief engineer this morning. He told me about changes in the ship owning as well as about the whale protection program. The whales get disturbed by the sound of the vessel engine and this is why the ship needs to go very slowly in certain areas. We discuss about world politics. Chief engineers daughter studies public relations. He thinks that European Union is not a good thing at all. For example Romania has been asked to cut down expenses even though there really is nothing to cut from. Romania and other former Soviet counties are accepted to EU only because they provide cheap labour force to the rich countries. EU is trying to swipe problems under the mattress. France gives Romanians 300 euros and send them back to Romania. Then, the Roman camps are destroyed and people can’t get back to France.

The chief engineer thinks that EU can’t work because it is designed only for the rich countries and to reach their aims (challenge against US and Russia as well as the economical world). This is probably true. That’s how the world works everywhere. European Union was supposed to be a rich federation, but it is a challenge to put together so many different cultures and countries. It would be wonderful if it worked. If you compare EU to United States, the starting point is already different. US is somewhat homogeneous even though it is a big country with many cultures.

It is hard to discuss politics and not to end up with same theme. This is money and natural resources. Who has the most of them or ability to go around the world to look for them? Normally, they are called crusades for democracy but I think they are just crusades. We get to a personal level with our discussion with the chief engineer quite rapidly: how we are the slaves of consumerism and because of that slaves in our works, too. As many before us have said (like for example Henry Miller and emeritus professor Serge Latouche): we are slaves who have been made to believe that we are free. I understand that there is a lot of development in the world. We can heal illnesses, people are healthier, women and minorities have some human rights already. But still, we can’t be happy in our slavery. I know personally that I can live in our little village almost without money. I suppose I use less money than Westerner people of my age. But is that an answer to anything? I can only change my life, not anyone else’s.

I got a very coherent introduction to the ships engine and how it works. After this, the electrician took me to the engine room where I could see everything in action. My head was spinning but I think I learned some things. Independent Concept is a new ship, it was build in 2007 in China and is has the most contemporary technology implemented. Energy is recycled – for environmental reason but even more for saving fuel. The engine burn the fuel as purely as possible and this is how the carbon emissions are reduced. Also the exhaust pipes are used to heat water and make steam. The system is a bit similar as in some Finnish sauna’s where the chimney is used to heat hot water for bathing. The water is cleaned from sea water and all the sewage is cleaned before it’s dumbed back to the sea.

I think the chief engineer is a nice person He says he goes to the sea with the crew and will come back home safely together. I think it’s ok to trust a man who has been sailing for 32 years. I like people who have a wide point of view to the world.

I chat with the purser after the dinner and he says I’m welcomed to the crew mess to watch TV and spend some time. He says many have been interested in what I’m doing running around with my cameras. There was a funny accident with English language again. He says the guys want to know about my ”private life”! I suppose that’s not what he meant!

I went to the front deck by myself after the dinner. You can’t feel or hear the engine there, only the waves are breaking. I think about loneliness and sharing an experience again. Not every experience is meant for sharing. Maybe it is true that I have to be alone in the middle of the ocean seeing the colours of the sun set and the metallic waves. I have a koi fish tattooed on my shoulder. This is the sea. This is where I’m meant to be now. Alone, strong, myself, my moment, my element and the totem.

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