DAY 7.

Bridge 22102010

The sun is not shining anymore and the wind is up. The ships is still not rocking too badly. The captain showed me a weather map with a storm and 7 meter waves. He asked with a smile what I think we should do. I was absolute that we need to go hide somewhere. It seems that we are trying to go around the storm now. I did some laundry and listened music watching the sea. Then, I worked. I could watch the sea forever. The movement is meditative. You can see every little deviation in the “desert”. I think I saw a penguin. It’s not possible on these waters. But it popped out from the water, it flapped its wings and dived. I didn’t see it again.

I read that Finnish immigrants to US didn’t have very good circumstances on board in the change of 19th and 20th century. There wasn’t enough food and many suffered sea sickness badly. I somehow understood that many didn’t leave happily but were forced to do so because of the economical situation at home. There was no work, only famine and then there were also political reasons to leave. The booklet I’m reading is from 1975 and it contains some funny details about Finnish people. For example, it says that all the Finns are very active and into sports. I guess I’m not Finnish.

I like to go to the bridge every afternoon to read my e-mails.  Then, I sit silently and watch the sea, how we go forward on this big ocean. I feel calm.

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