DAY 8.

Everything I say seems to be meaningless.

Again, I had a long talk with the chief engineer. He was worried about where I will be using the footage from the engine room. Frankly, I started to think more about my project in general. Why do I do this? I felt insecure for the first time on this travel. I have to ask this question myself constantly. Now: immigration, human rights history, personal journey. I don’t know. I wait for that big surprise that fulfills everything and gives everything a bigger meaning I ever imagined. When I start my journeys, I only have pieces. But entity is always more than its parts.

I feel to be a part of this vessel’s travel across the sea although I’m just a passenger.

I filmed on the bridge again. Everything was rocking but I guess something comes out of that. Queen Mary II passed us and some airplane which contacted us. We are late from the schedule. Sun is shining but the waves are big. We think about boredom with sec mate. My journey is short compared to this crew’s work. They go on for months. There should be some organisation called ”Against Boredom at Sea”. Some reading groups or something. Well, yeah right… knitting even.

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