DAY 12.

Marilyn's licence plate

I go to meet Marilyn in King of Prussia in the morning. I think places that don’t have proper public transportation are suspicious. Despite of all the warning I got, the public transportation in Philadelphia is not that bad at all. I get to all the places where I want to go. I have very little time to get this town into my head so I don’t make too many extra movements. Marilyn and her husband Wes are wonderful elderly people Marilyn thinks that everyone in the world are immigrants. Only one that wasn’t was the first human in Africa. Still, she thinks that there should be some kind of system to prevent the immigrants of today taking benefit of all the public services in US. I’m surprised. I thought that there are not that many public services here, but everything must be privately bought.

Many people I meet talk about depression and the coming elections. The situation is difficult and president Obama has to work hard to clean after Bush’s mess.

I meet Kirsten in the evening in Newtown. She is a friendly teacher who lives in a beautiful old house build in 1850′. Kirsten thinks that her immigration background have had influence in her identity, but above all she is American. She thinks the immigrants make the society rich. We spend a wonderful evening with good food and nice discussion. There are also friendly ghosts in Kirsten’s house!

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