DAY 14.

I couldn’t understand where I was when I woke up in the morning. I understood after a while that I’m in New York but I didn’t have any idea why. Strange feeling. I went to Harlem to film the former Finn Hall building there. I met some of the people who work there but they didn’t know for what the building was used for before. It is a church now. This was an important place for Marilyn Haikara Loos. I like Harlem, too.
I thought I’d visit Guggenheim on my way back from Harlem. I came up from subway and started walking fast to the direction I was positive to be the right one. I noticed I had made a mistake called 180 degrees and gone to opposite direction. It took me for very long to get the map the right way in my head.

Guggenheim is a genuine tourist attraction. The building is very beautiful and it reminds me the one favourite places of mine which is EUR in Rome, Italy. I didn’t go further from the lobby, though. I figured I can see enough of French, Italian and German classicism in Europe. I thought about tourism as I often do and the reality that is build for tourists. Tourism is a home abroad.

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