DAY 15.

Halloween in NYC

I met Matti and Lisa in Fairfield. They live the American dream. Lisa is Matti’s 23 years old daughter and he has another younger daughter Tina, too, but she is in Finland studying in Turku University. I think about my life and how different it is from Matti’s and Lisa’s. They talk about money a lot and how to be successful. We see some very beautiful houses in the area. Lisa and Matti know how much they cost and it is a lot. I value hard working greatly and I work hard myself. But I must admit money doesn’t give me motivation as the themes or subjects I work with do. If you have shoes on your feet, what does it matter how they look if they keep you warm? Lisa told me that she couldn’t sleep at night if she didn’t know that she’ll be receiving next month’s paycheck. I understand her. But still, money doesn’t guarantee everything even though it helps. Everything can change in a blink of an eye. The Finnish immigrants left to US in the change of 19th and 20th century with very similar thoughts as Matti in the 1980′. Better life, better paid jobs, success. Standards of living have changed for better in many countries since then. But we still want more and more.

I notice that many think some immigrants should be sent back to their countries. But hard working people who have good education are still welcomed. Matti and Lisa couldn’t tell how good and bad immigrants are defined but they said there should be control. If you’re uneducated, you can’t make it in the work markets, because there are not enough jobs.

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